Products & Services

Corporate Photography

Weather its headshots of your key personel to go on your website or product images for social media, every business needs photography that shows the customer what their life could be were they to embrace your product/join your group/take part in your event.First impressions last, and the power of visual communication is greater than ever. The internet has changed the way consumers engage - A post containing photos gets nearly twice the hits as one without. People hear, taste and even smell with their eyes! A photograph can elicit an emotional response, affecting people’s buying habits. A good photo tells a story, connects, informs and builds brand confidence.

Event Photography

Big sale, open event, product release, awards ceremony, or a theatrical production? - professional photographs not only capture an event, but increase buzz and provide social media reminders for years to come! Once your event has been shot, the images are securely stored on this site. A password is provided on payment of invoice so you can download and use images as you wish. Meanwhile, your guests/clients can purchase high quality prints, products and downloads directly.


Continuity of identity across all printed and digital platforms is key to building brand trust and securing recurring custom- unifying typeface, colour pallet, logo size and positioning, image styles, photography and even use of language all contribute to how your consumer perceives you. I undertake Photoshop and In Design work, poster and flyer design, images, templates and layouts for social platforms.


Animated photo slideshows, after effects edits, promo/product videos, 


One to one, small groups to A level classes or workshops - tuition and training in use of your camera and software.